Foreword – Completion of Post-quake Reconstruction Work in Sichuan

The Wenchuan earthquake in 2008 caused substantial economic loss and casualties in Sichuan Province and the related area. Subscribing to the notions of “Blood is thicker than water” and “When one place suffers misfortune, aids come from all sides”, HKSAR actively participated in the Sichuan Reconstruction under the leadership of the Central Government and full support of Sichuan Government.

The HKSAR Government has committed a total of about HK$9 billion for reconstruction projects in three stages. Adding together the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s commitment of HK$1 billion, the total commitment in support of reconstruction in Sichuan by the HKSAR is about HK$10 billion. Our construction projects cover education, medical and hygiene services, social welfare, road infrastructure and reconstruction of the Wolong National Nature Reserve. They are spearheaded by experts from both the local public and private sectors.

Through concerted effort of the working team in Sichuan and Hong Kong, all the 190 post-quake reconstruction projects have now been completed. Among these projects, the road projects, viz. Provincial Road 303 (Yingxiu to Wolong section) and Mianmao Highway (Hanwang to Qingping section), two of the most difficult and challenging projects, were completed in October 2016. The reconstruction projects have not only helped the victims to rebuild their homes and lives, but also greatly enhance the friendship between the people in Sichuan and Hong Kong.

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