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About us

About us

Terms of Reference of the Joint Conference

> To coordinate and consolidate efforts of the construction sector in Hong Kong to assist in the construction of areas in Sichuan devastated by the earthquake.
> To mobilize and organize support and assistance to the reconstruction work in terms of material or equipment supplies, expert knowledge and expertise, voluntary professional services etc.
> To determine the allocation of funds to different aspects of assistance to be rendered to the reconstruction work.

Our force

Our force
Trade Associations   

  The Hong Kong Construction Association
  The Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Contractors' Association
  The Hong Kong Federation of Electrical and Mechanical Contractors
  The Association of Consulting Engineers of Hong Kong
  The Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong
  The Association of Architectural Practices
  Zhong Hua Construction Foundation

Professional Institutes   

  The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
  The Hong Kong Institute of Architects
  The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
  The Hong Kong Institute of Planners
  The Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects


  Development Bureau
  Architectural Services Department
  Buildings Department
  Civil Engineering and Development Department
  Drainage Services Department
  Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
  Lands Department
  Land Registry
  Planning Department
  Water Supplies Department


  Hon Abraham Shek

Ir Dr Raymond Ho

  Prof Patrick Lau
  Mr Kwong Hon Sang
  Mr Lee Shing See
  Mr Lo Yiu Ching